Month of June Address

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Month of June Address

Post  Kunoichi on Wed Jun 15, 2011 3:39 pm

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to first say a thank you for everyone's support in both other's members healing and recovery, as well as supporting the site in its first month of activity. There have been a LOT of changes on the site and I wanted to run through those in this address.

I wanted to say what we have started here. We have started a safe place for others to come and start or continue their recovery. As we all know, we need people. We may not want to face that, but its true. We need others to heal. We can't do it alone. So thanks to everyone, that is what we have done.

So this is what we have done and what we have planned for the month of June:

Hope In Suffering Book Store has been activated! If you click bookstore it will lead you to Amazon. 15% of the proceeds of books bought will be going both to the site (17 dollars for the site domain name for the year) and the rest will be to a charity of the communities choice which will be voted on in July.

The 27th of June will start the CBT for Anxiety, Depression, etc Workbook. It states for Anxiety but it can work for anyone. As a remembrance, you can always go through each week or back through it. Each week will have its own area for discussion and charts among other things will be available because as we all know, going back to basics can be useful.

Hope In Suffering will be holding 12 step program meetings both available in voice, through the forum or in chat. A schedule will be set up by the end of June for voice meetings. If you need links you will also find that in the forum under 12 Step Program Links for more information, to find face to face meetings in your area among other things.

We now have an online voice chat area. This will be held for general chatter, 12 step meetings, Workbook Discussion, Mediation among other things.

These are all for the benefit of the community and please keep aware on the forums of votes that will take place for what charity Hope In Suffering will give to as well as deciding if ultimately, we want this to be a non-profit organization so we can help others even further. That will be discussed more in the following months as our members grow.

My hope for this site is that it will grown through word of mouth more than anything. This site is about Love, Hope, Safety, Support and Recovery. This is YOUR community. You will always have a say in who is in leadership, who is not, what charity we give to and what we do as a whole.

Always in your service,


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