Consequences Explained

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Consequences Explained

Post  Kunoichi on Sun Jun 05, 2011 9:25 pm

The room is about safety, support, recovery, love, hope in a non-abusive and nonjudgmental way. Therefore the room has certain consequences and reasons for any type of action taken against a member.

If any of the rules are broken, a moderator will always discuss with the person privately about what the violation is, this can range from a warning to a more severe consequence, such as a ban for a specific set period.

This is done for the safety of the room and its members as well as for the safety of the person themselves. It is important that the rules are followed and if you are unsure about a post or unsure about your understanding of a rule, PLEASE ASK!

Most of this is self respect and respect for others. We all have our levels of recovery so what we find offensive may not seem offensive to others, which is why we ask that all sides of a story are heard and that a moderator is contacted if it cannot be settled satisfactorily.

There are cases where a ban of 3 months, 6 months, a year to permanently will be issued after discussion both with moderators, administrator, and member. This is our most extreme case and hoping to never have to see it but it will be done if it means a member is effecting the safety of the room.

Again as it has been stated so many times before, we do not have to agree with each other in a post, we do not have to condone what someone does or view it as healthy but we CAN express our differing or similar views in a respectful way that can deepen our recovery versus hinder it.

This thread was made for you to see how dedicated we are to those principles.

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