Chatroom Rules

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Chatroom Rules

Post  Kunoichi on Sun Jun 05, 2011 12:50 am

The chatroom has the same rules and guidelines as the rules for the site. It is just about common courtesy. Again, we do not have to agree on everything, we are not professionals but we can treat each other with respect.

If the rules are broken then the appropriate measures will be taken to create the safety for all members within the room.

Special Guidelines:

If asked for a topic change, please respect that and take your topic to a PM with the interested member. Some are very triggering and best left to PM's, forum or member diaries.

Cursing is to be kept at a minimal. You can express yourself with your words that do not have to be vulgar and again for some its a trigger.

We are about support. While several conversations can be occurring at once, this chat will not be so rigid as to not have lighthearted moments but if someone is in need, please treat them as you would want to be treated and if possible offer support. If you feel you have nothing to say than at least acknowledge what they are going through versus simply remaining silent. This alone can be of GREAT support, just knowing someone is at least taking the time to care even if they do not know how to "Help".

If you are having a problem with another member, there is a ignore feature, however we are all in this support together and there are bound to be personality or belief clashes. If you wish, please keep the logs of what is occurring so a moderator can review them and address what is occurring. Please see FAQ section for more on "What to do if having problems with another member?"

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