August 2011 - Monthly Address

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August 2011 - Monthly Address

Post  Kunoichi on Fri Aug 05, 2011 12:29 pm

Hey Everyone,

It is now August and two months since Hope In Suffering has become active on the online community. We have gotten the Community Outreach Division underway with volunteers and more work still needing to be done. The forum is continuing to be a place of recovery and growth and even if it seems that it is stagnant, it is important to remember that things will come and go. If Hope In Suffering helps only one person than the purpose of the site has done its job. The site will grow both on its own and as you, the community, tell others about it. The important thing is to keep going and keep doing what we are doing with that passion for others in mind.

There is a special congratulations to Dinky and Chrisofsmeg as the sites two new operators. With their help and others who are volunteers and veterans, we will go far!

This month will be about continued growth and addition the forum. This will include adding more areas to the chronic illness area, putting in another division and hopefully getting more volunteers. As long as we remain true to our mission statement in what we are trying to achieve, then we shall achieve it.

Thanks everyone!


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