Save on your power bills. Install a solar water heater.

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Save on your power bills. Install a solar water heater.

Post  RazorSchmidt on Thu Jul 14, 2011 5:38 am

Building a Solar hot water qld system can help you save over 30% of your electricity bills. The installation of the system is actually very simple. You can easily get the parts and build the solar heater in your home backyard for less than $100.

The rays emitted from the sun which produces a vast amount of energy into the atmosphere. This energy is utilized as power that gives a positive impact on the environmental and will save you hundreds of dollars on your power bill. Solar power has been used for cooking purposes, for running a laptop or used for charging the mobile phones.

Solar hot water qld systems have been giving productive results in hot and cold climates. These heaters keep the water warm and this eliminates the use of electrical appliances. You will be able to notice the significant amount of money you saved from the very first month upon the installation.

If you are interested to learn how to build a solar hot water heater, you can try some DIY plans that can be downloaded from reputable sites online. That way, you can start the project in just a few minutes without much difficulty. A beginner can easily understand the instructions given in the guide during installation.

Solar energy has been used for years to heat water for homes and businesses around the world. In some countries, such as Israel, solar hot water systems are now mandatory for residential use. Today, solar heated water systems provide hot water for everything from remote cabins and homes to hospitals and office buildings.


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Re: Save on your power bills. Install a solar water heater.

Post  Kunoichi on Thu Jul 14, 2011 8:43 am

Interesting post. I've read a lot about solar paneling and found it interesting in terms of the economic posts. Gives you some thoughts definitely.

Welcome to the forum and hope to see you around here or in chat! Smile

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