Week Three - Parasitic Anxieties And Fears (Part II)

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Week Three - Parasitic Anxieties And Fears (Part II)

Post  Kunoichi on Tue Jul 12, 2011 10:40 am

Cognitive, Emotional And Behavioral Interventions

The Cognitive Approach

The cognitive approach involves education your reason and using this educated reason to disable parasitic thinking.

Since anxiety is on a time dimension, you have time to address a parasitic anxiety and to prepare to deal with what you fear. As a rule of thumb, fearful anticipations can be addressed by examining and questioning parasitic fear thinking. This cognitive rethinking approach can be especially useful when you have reasons to believe that your fears are imaginary or when you have no objective proof to support them.

Along the time dimension of anxiety, you can do many things. Four sample actions follow:

1. Separate possibilities that could or might happen (worries) from probabilities. What is the chance of an event happening? The idea is to disrupt fearful thinking with enough authority to impeach its credibility.

2. Recognize and act to challenge highly speculative parasitic projections by considering alternative probabilities. For example, if you worry that a friend who didn't meet you at an agreed-upon time has died in an accident, consider the more likely possibility that he or she got a late start or forgot your appointment.

3. Remind yourself-as many times as it takes-that a parasitic fear is a temporary, passing thought.

4. Work to unconditionally accept yourself despite your parasitic fears. This means accepting yourself as a person with multiple talents, abilities, and experiences who is so much more than the fear(s) that paralyze you.

The Emotional Tolerance Approach

Emotional tolerance involves accepting reality. If you're tense, you're tense! That's it! This does not mean capitulation. Indeed, there is much you can do to contain parasitic thoughts so that they do not rage unattended.

The following four questions and answers can put tension tolerance into perspective:

How can you learn to stop magnifying tension? If you do not fear the sensations of discomfort associated with parasitic beliefs, you are less likely to magnify them. If you do not magnify them, you are less likely to experience them in the first place.

What alternative ways do you have to stop magnifying tension? Instead of putting a magnifying glass onto the discomfort, take a closer look at your ideas behind your fear of discomfort. For example, you may hear yourself saying that you can't stand the feeling. But are you not already putting up what you don't like?

What happens when you show yourself that you can tolerate tension? By showing yourself that you can tolerate sensations of parasitic anxiety and fear, you transform the dread into an unpleasant emotional state. A 10 percent gain in tolerance can make a big difference.

Are they any special benefits in developing higher levels of tension tolerance? People with high-tension tolerance are likely to get further faster than those who shrivel up at the first sign of tension. This is because they focus of the higher-tension tolerance group is on pushing aside the impediments between where they currently are and where they would like to be. By reducing parasitic stresses, you'll have more time to manage the ordinary and extraordinary stresses of life, as well as to increase you chances of experiencing more of life's pleasure.

The Behavioral Approach

A classic behavioral exercise involves doing what you fear. But you don't have to swamp yourself. You can break down your fear into digestible bits. You can talk yourself through the process. Exposure exercises train the primitive parts of the brain to habituate to the feared but non-dangerous situation. This means getting used to the situation so that it no longer feels troublesome. As the old saying goes, repetition dulls the senses.


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