July 2011 Monthly Address

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July 2011 Monthly Address

Post  Kunoichi on Tue Jul 05, 2011 6:41 pm

Hey everyone!

I wanted to first say thank you for being such a supportive community this past month and of deciding to use Hope In Suffering as a resource towards your healing. It has been a busy thirty days and this month will not be any exception!

So to make this right to the point, I wanted to give you the goals and expectations that the community has upon its leaders this month:

Facebook Public Homepage Polling (and if Yes, Implementation)
Twitter Public Implementation
Community Outreach Division Created and Implemented
Cognitive Behavioral Workbook Continues
12 Step Program Meetings Continue
Leadership Applications Available
Leadership Roles Explained
Division Purposes
Event Calendar
Member Journals are now able to be public or private depending on the member’s preference
And other changes that will be made known once done!

I wanted to give everyone a glimpse into the future of what is both possible and being worked towards in Hope In Suffering. What some ultimate goals are without losing the integrity that is already made. It is important to note that this is what makes Hope In Suffering different from other places: Hope In Suffering is not content in staying mediocre and not improving itself. It is so much more than an online forum.

Some future goals:

Continued Online Growing Presence (Domain name established, larger growth in the forums, strong leadership and democracy, New chatroom and more)
Move to an offline presence as well:
Become a non-profit licensed organization
Implement programs in shelters in hospitals
(Program names TBA)
Martial arts for Mental Health (and abuse survivors),
Martial arts for physically disabled (wheelchair bound, deaf, blind, amputees etc)
Art for the brave – program done for terminally ill children, elderly in nursing homes etc

Ultimately the largest project will be opening a safe haven and educational teaching ranch. This will be a place of a safe haven for those who are trying to get to safety from abuse, place for mental, emotional, and spiritual recovery, place to educate the educators, seminars and more!

I know that this is a lot to take in at one time but as we go into the second month, it is important to me that the community see’s that this is not a place that is going away nor will the integrity of Hope in Suffering ever be compromised by politics, popularity and prejudices. As always it will be a safe place for recovery, meeting others and realizing hope is possible!



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