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Welcome to Hope In Suffering. It is a community and a safe haven for those who have suffered and are now seeking healing and recovery. in order to keep you as well as other members safe. We have laid out guidelines or rules that will be adhered to. Warnings will be given prior to any action taken.

1. We are not professionals. We are a community of people who have come together to discuss and relate to each other in our recovery. This may be through simple discussion to seeking resources for your area. Contributions are welcome but please remember none of us can give professional advice. Take everything you read at face value. You wouldn't believe everything you read on the net, keep that in mind here.

2. Verbal abuse will not be tolerated. This is in the form of cursing at each other, name-calling, criticisms or any of the like. While we may not always agree on what someone else is saying, we do not have to attack the person or the idea. Speak from our own experiences.

3. We are not responsible for the information you tell others. We encourage you to not give out personal information for your own protection. While we would like to think that those who come here are here for recovery, sadly that is not always the case. As with all things, be cautious and protective of your identity.

4. We are a Christian organization that follows those principles of Hope and Love. While we are not here to preach or debate others in their own search of spirituality, some of our daily meditations and messages will reflect those views. This is not to persuade others to become Christians. This is not the place for religious debate. If you wish to do so, please go to another site. "Bashing" someone else's beliefs will not be tolerated here. We do not have to agree with each other in order to heal.

5. This site IS NOT a place for diagnosis or self-diagnosis. If you are a professional please do not make diagnosis over the internet. If you are someone who is searching for one, please contact a professional in your area for a diagnosis rather than trying to do it yourself.

6. We are not a crisis site. If you or a loved one is feeling Su*c*dal please dial 911 or use one of our hotlines. Many of our members can not handle Su*c*dal behavior or talk nor is this the place for it as much as we would want to. We are just not that powerful.

Guidelines and rules are subject to change. You will be informed if and when any changes are made.

While this is not a rule, please ignore the Advertising bar you see on the top. This is a site that was made for free so it is a necessary evil. Once this site is able, then it will no longer be an issue.


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